BabySkool is the brand oriented to the design, manufacture and distribution of educational and early stimulation products for babies. Born in 200? With a range of completely original and innovative products that revolutionized the early childhood education sector. Undoubtedly a great start for a dynamic and entrepreneurial brand that knew how to captivate the most demanding and that has the unconditional support of the distributor Walt Disney today.

Now, BabySkool is at an ideal time to continue growing and it is doing so now, with an ambitious project full of enthusiasm, which it has just started and which it wants to present to you.

The project is based on the need to improve and evolve in the field of children's education and entertainment in line with current times and new technological advances that affect both adults and children.

l for his innovative early stimulation products. It has an expert team in children's pedagogy, designers and technicians specialized in the sector who work with enthusiasm and conviction on the project.

The successes demonstrated in the past and the desire put into this safe and profitable project give us full confidence that in the future we will be able to become one of the companies with the greatest projection in the commercial and children's services sector. All rights reserved 2021.